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The reason why you need to implement Facebook Advertising Campaigns is that your customers are all living in the social media world. You can reach your ideal clients on Facebook at all times. Many companies cannot focus on social media marketing, because they are too busy providing the best service possible to their clients, so MaxesClicks has experts that can manage the advertising for your business.

Why Facebook Ads are important?

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TV advertisement doesn’t work very well anymore. It’s expensive and not reliable. However, with Facebook, our experts are capable of targeting the right customer for your business. After extensive testing, we found the types ads that work, and ads that do not work. This means that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on testing Facebook Ads.

Your business needs to be present on social media, because consumers need to be aware of your products and services at all times. To get recognition from your customers, your business needs to remain active on social platforms. In fact, Facebook advertising is a fundamental key factor for business owners that wish to grow quickly.

The thing is that marketing strategies are different for every business. Experts at MaxesClicks can put your business right on track. Call us or book a meeting with us, so that we can get in touch and meet to improve your social media presence.



Facebook users bought $234 million worth of virtual goods and gifts on Facebook in 2014. The number of purchases keeps growing, so don't miss out on the opportunity.


21% of users Like a Page to get more info about the business. It's crucial to optimize the Facebook Page of your business, so that you can speak directly to the customer!

JACKPOT for local businesses

"70% of monthly users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to a local business." This means that the majority of users are looking forward to establishing connections with local establishments.

MONEY MACHINE for businesses that use advertising

"Ad clicks are increasing 70% year over year, and ad click-through rates are increasing 160%" People interact more and more with the content.

How are we managing your Social Media?

MaxesClicks is going to manage your social media business profile by adding engaging content and improving the performance of your posts. This will allow you to grow the number of followers and make them engage with your business. Also, MaxesClicks is emphasizing on Facebook Advertising campaigns that bring you sales, leads, and results.

Social Media Marketing Services Facebook Ads

Our Facebook Advertising agency creates ads that will target your ideal customers instead of random people. We have developed strategies and we use the latest social media tools that consist of finding your money making audience (golden audience), which is different for every business. By implementing Facebook Ads, your business is going to be discovered by 2 to 5 times as many people than now, guaranteed.

As a client, you are going to receive reports from our experts that show you the increase in performance of your Facebook Ads and business profile.

What about the price?

Clients think that hiring a social media marketing expert is expensive and that it's out of their budget.

We do not overcharge our clients. MaxesClicks understands the position of small local businesses, so we have affordable rates that allow you to take advantage of our services.

However, don't underestimate our skills because of our affordable rates. Our goal is to generate as many results as possible for the price you pay. We focus on establishing perfect relationships with our clients so that we both can focus on the growth of your business.


Discovery Phase

Our Facebook Advertising agency will need to learn more about your business. We need to know what makes your company unique. If you have run Facebook ads in the past, our experts will analyze your previous campaigns to identify what works and what doesn’t. If you haven’t run ads in the past, then there is no problem; we have this covered. Our team will then conclude the discovery phase by making a detailed advertising strategy.

facebook ads developement

After we’ve concluded our plan of action, our team starts to create Facebook advertisement copies. Headlines, high-quality ad images, and descriptions that will be used for your ads will be created by our team members at MaxesClicks. Our Facebook advertising agency makes sure that you have access to review this material.

Facebook Ads Optimization

In this phase, your ads are up and running. We start by launching multiple ads, then we monitor their performance to identify high performing ads and eliminate ads that don’t perform well. We continue by optimizing ads to make them as targeted as possible to a specific audience, which allows us to not waste your advertising budget on irrelevant audiences. 

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MaxesClicks makes sure to focus on constant communications and frequent reporting. Our main skill is to generate results; here are the promises of our Facebook advertising agency:

  • Monthly performance reports
  • No contract
  • Ad campaigns focused on conversions
  • Support and assistance at all times
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Increase clicks from Facebook Ads
  • Increase Facebook Ads conversions
  • Increase of relevance of ads
  • Increase of brand awareness

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