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When someone searches for your product or service on Google, you would like to appear first. That's why MaxesClicks improves your Local SEO in Montreal to overtake your competition in Google Rankings. Search Engine Optimization requires extensive work that is a full-time job by itself, so it needs to be managed by experts like us. Thousands of corporations make money only by using SEO to gain clients. Local SEO is a powerful tool that cannot be neglected if you are a local business. Book a meeting or call us to start acquiring clients from Google.

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With SEO, we will rank you at the top of Google and we will enhance your appearance. 

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MaxesClicks makes sure that your website is optimized for mobile SEO as well.

Our Keyword Research: By using the latest tools, we are looking and analyzing what people are Googling in the local area. By having access to this data, we can improve the appearance of your business in search results.

Competitors’ Keywords: We are analyzing what your competitors are ranking for and how they are ranking. This allows us to know how to beat the competition.

Google Analytics Reports: Google Analytics allows us to optimize SEO campaigns. In this tool we (and you, as well), can see the traffic divided by gender, age, behavior, location, and more.

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About our Montreal SEO Services

As a Montreal SEO Agency, we have discovered that “70% of users click on non-paid (organic) listings instead of the “sponsored ads” at the top of the page?“ This is why we highly emphasize on SEO. Ranking high on searches that relate to your business ensures that users are going to go to your website and will convert into customers. Here is how we proceed:

1. We optimize the On Page SEO of your website.

2. We optimize the Off Page SEO of your website

Experts at MaxesClicks optimize using 3 parameters to rank your website locally. By focusing on local SEO in Montreal, your website will appear before the non-local websites. In addition, our Montreal SEO Agency builds a strong SEO structure that can firmly compete with your competitors. 

The Montreal SEO Services that we provide are focused on transforming your website into a sales person. Your website is your greatest asset, and it can generate sales 24/7. Call us or book a meeting so that we can get in touch and start optimizing your website to gain more revenue. 

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On Page SEO Optimization

Local SEO optimization is very complex, and there are many pieces to the puzzle to ranking your website in top search results. Google crawls millions of websites every single day. This means that your website needs to be SEO friendly:

  • Refreshing/Optimizing old content
  • Ensuring that your website is optimized for local SEO in Montreal
  • Optimizing website keywords like title tags, alt text, meta tags, etc.

Our Montreal SEO Agency optimizes the On Page SEO of your website in the first month of you using our Montreal SEO Services. The following things will be optimized on your website:

  • Title Tags Optimization
  • Web page Copywriting
  • Blog Content Creation
  • SEO Road Map
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Meta Keywords Optimization
  • Alt Text Optimization
  • Sitemap Optimization (.xml)
  • Verification of Robots.txt
  • Google Analytics Installation + Verification
  • Google Search Console Installation + Verification

Now that you know the benefits that MaxesClicks is going to provide to your website you can now hand off this busy work to us. Start by requesting a free consultation.

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Off Page SEO Optimization

Adding content consistently to your website is very important. It is as important to optimize your content which is off your website. Off Page SEO consists of adding content on other websites, social media profiles, and publications(blogs/videos) to increase the authority of your website. Our Montreal SEO Agency places content strategically and consistently to ensure the constant gain of authority in the Google Search Engine.

Off Page SEO can bring a lot of benefits for your website. Time is required, as well as patience, but this will be the most profitable investment in the long run. The Off Page SEO is also called as “the acquirement of backlinks.” MaxesClicks makes sure that backlinks perfectly relate to your website. We also make sure that your backlinks are useful and relevant to online users.

Here are ways we acquire backlinks:

Guest Blogging: There are many websites that allow us to post blogs and other pieces of content on their websites. Creating content on their websites with backlinks to your website boosts your ranking, and increases awareness of your website online.

 Public Press: Local online press releases can write a publication about your business and mention your website link. Local press is a real SEO booster because Google’s algorithm loves when backlinks come from trusted local sources.

 Social Media: When your business has an active social media account, your ranking is going to increase. Google uses social media profiles to determine the ranking. Businesses that don’t have a social media will not rank as high as ones that do. Social Media Marketing is a huge traffic source on its own. MaxesClicks has the capacity of building and managing social accounts for local businesses.

If you are engaged in an SEO campaign, then the Off Page SEO needs to be optimized as well. If you want to discuss Off Page SEO strategies that can build you a successful website, then request a free consultation.

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