How to Increase Search Traffic without wasting Time and Money on Backlinks


Increase Search Traffic without Backlinking written by MaxesClicks a Digital Marketing Services Company

As a website owner, it’s really frustrating when your website doesn’t rank the way you want to! So, you do everything in your power to increase the ranking, including building backlinks to your website. Backlinks building can take a ton of time and a ton of money, which is the downside of backlinks. Don’t worry though, your ranking can be boosted to the first page of Google without backlinks.

If you are reading this then you probably know a thing or two about SEO. Assuming that, I guess that you also know that blog posts boost the ranking of your website. Content, in general, is perfect to improve search engine optimization.

So, what I am saying is that viral content is the key to reach the first page of Google and to increase search traffic! You can create different pieces of content like videos, blog posts, podcasts, and etc.

Let’s go through the most two most powerful pieces of content and see how to make it increase your ranking.

#1 How to use blogs to reinforce SEO and increase your ranking?


Alright, when you write a blog, you want to make sure that the subject that you are going to write about is currently trending. Also, the subject needs to be dedicated to an audience that demands info about it.

IMPORTANT! Don’t copy the blog post of your competitors. Copying the content from another website will make your blog lose all its uniqueness. The purpose of having a blog is to share ideas, YOUR ideas. Give more information and more value than your competitors. That’s the only way to beat your competition.

Now that this is said, you can go and find the trending subject of your blog. Also, when I say trending I also mean new and not often heard about.

Follow the news and keep up to date with your niche. You need to make sure that you give more value about this trending subject than anybody else.

Also, your subject needs to be addressed to a specific public. Don’t try to make a blog post for everyone!


Supposing that you found the subject of your next blog post, the next thing you are going to do is to research the keywords that mostly relate to your subject.

As a Montreal SEO agency, we use many different tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner. Those tools allow us to find the keywords used by the competitors and also find the monthly searches there is for every keyword.

Let’s use an example! Let’s say that you want to write a blog post about a new type of digital marketing services that you offer. So, the first thing that you can do is to search “digital marketing services” in Google and see what pops up. For me the first website that pops up is:

Search Result

Next, insert the URL of the competitor into SEMrush and you will see all the keywords that this blog post is targeting and ranking for. Pretty cool isn’t it!?

SEMrush used by MaxesClicks to increase Search Traffic without using Backlinks

What you can do is implement all those keywords in your blog. Make sure you add more valuable content than your competitor.

You can also add more keywords than your competitor and the best way to do that is with Google Keyword Planner.

So let’s search for “digital marketing services” in Keyword Planner. We get the following results:

Analyzing Digital Marketing Services on Google Keyword Planner to increase Search Traffic without Backlinking

Here you can see the search volume for the entered keyword as well as other keyword suggestions.

The Competition tab is only addressed to the ones that pay for ads. In other words, the competition is determined by the number of people that pay to be displayed at the top of the page. We are doing this organically(SEO), without paying for ads, so the Competition tab doesn’t affect us in any way. However, it’s interesting to know the competition in this area because we can have a better idea about the number of competitors in that niche.

Now you can choose the keywords that will be the base of your blog post. If you stay with the example of Digital Marketing Services then our main keyword would be “digital marketing services” because of the high amount of monthly searches and because it relates the most to our main subject. Also, use other keywords, given by Google Keyword Planner, that relate to the main keyword.

Don’t use all of the keywords suggested by the Keyword Planner, though! Choose 5 or 6 keywords that relate to your subject the most and use them through the blog post.

Easy isn’t it?

Make sure not to overuse those keywords in your blog post because Google will penalize you for keyword stuffing, which is extremely bad for SEO. Just be natural at the way you write.

If you really want to rank fast on Google, then you would need to write at least one high-quality blog post per week. Don’t try to write about random stuff that nobody cares about. You have to make your content interesting or in other words, valuable.

#2 How to use videos to increase search traffic?

Videos are a big key factor to improve SEO.

There are two ways of creating videos for your website.

The first way is to upload your videos on Youtube and other social platforms. By adding a link in the description of the video, it creates extremely relevant backlinks to your websites, which grows the authority of your website online. This will boost your SEO ranking like crazy.

Also, videos that are being uploaded to Youtube have a high chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

I know that I said in the beginning that I am not focusing on backlinks in this blog post, but backlinks from streaming platforms like Youtube are free and they have the power to rank you higher in search results. That’s why video content is so powerful.

Make sure that the title and the description of your video have the keyword that you are targeting. An example of a keyword in a title would be digital marketing services.

The second way is to embed videos on your website hosted from a platform like Youtube or Vimeo. By putting a video on the home page, product page or blog post you are increasing the conversion rate. In fact, 52% of buyers say that watching a video of the product made them feel more confident to purchase the product.

The importance of Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets display information about a video that is embedded on the page. This allows the Googlers to see the thumbnail of the video that awaits them on the website.

Also, rich snippets attract the attention of the readers, because the search results appear bigger than others.

Here is an example of Rich Snippets when you search for “donuts recipes”.

Search result for doughnuts recepies

If you are a WordPress user then you could use a plugin called Yoast Video SEO  or All In One Rich Snippets Plugin. If you are using another platform then you should just google it.


By producing content your Google ranking and search traffic will increase. Blog posts and videos that give out valuable information have the capacity to increase the search appearance of your website and increase online authority.

In fact, content creation can bring your website to the top of the first page of Google. You just have to make sure that you upload new content consistently.

Maksym Donchenko, President of Maxes.Clicks

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