4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads are Not Working [How to Fix]

4 Reasons why your Facebook Ads are Not Working and How you can fix them

The reason why you are reading this is that your Facebook ads are not working. You are probably frustrated, but I am here to help you to fix them, so don’t worry.

In this blog post, I will show you what you are doing wrong and how you could fix your existing Facebook ads.

At the end of this post, you will have a good understanding of why your ads don’t generate the results that you want.

Without further ado, let’s start!

1# The Targeting of your Ads is Bad

When it comes to targeting it’s a question of life or death. It’s the ultimate base of your ad, so if your ad has a poor targeting consider it as good as dead.

Think about it real quick, if you are targeting an audience that doesn’t care about your product or service, they won’t click. This leads to the fact that you need to target people that care and that have a big potential to buy your stuff.

Sometimes, you might get a lot of clicks, but no sales. That’s extremely frustrating because in the first place you think that you are attracting a lot of clients and that your ad KINDA works, but when you look at the Facebook Pixel or at Google Analytics, you see the bounce rate and you start to understand that you are getting irrelevant clicks.  

If you have a pretty ad image or video you will most likely get clicks. However, when you are advertising to a wrong audience then people click because of curiosity. You certainly don’t want that to happen, because you are losing money on clicks that don’t bring you sales.

There are 2 steps to fix poor targeting issues.

ONE– The first thing to do is to make a buyer persona. This will help you to understand the characteristics, traits, and demographic information of your ideal buyer.

Basically, you would need to answer all of the following things and if you have more specific information than feel free to add it to the list.Buyer persona of your ideal customer that is going to buy from you

Now that you have an idea of your ideal customer, you need to create an ad that targets that individual.

To do that you can use the Audience Insights, a tool offered by Facebook for free.

You can access it within your Facebook Ad Account:

Reasons Your Facebook Ads Dont Work

If your business is new to Facebook, then you would need to choose “Everyone on Facebook”. If you have a Facebook Page that contains your target audience, you can choose “People connected to your page” to target people connected to your Page.

Facebook Audience Insights Maxes Clicks

Next, you would need to select the country in which you would like to target your ideal customer. In my case, I’ll choose the United States.

Facebook Audience Insights How to use

Next, you will need to create an Ad with a specific objective (no matter what objective, it is personal to you).

Facebook Ad Creation from a private facebook ad account

I am going to explain why in a moment. If you need more explanation about how to create a Facebook Ad then I have a perfect blog post explaining that.

After that, scroll to the Audience part. Enter the location and the age that you envisioned in your ideal customer and then move onto the Detailed Targeting.

Facebook Ads Audience Creation

Now you can enter the Interests that represent your ideal customer.

Here is my trick! Copy and Paste the Interest that you want to use into Audience Insights.

How to make Facebook Targeting by using Facebook Audience Insights

Now you can clearly see more information about this interest, which in my case is “Cat Lovers”.

You can see the Demographics, Location and most importantly “Page Likes”.

Now, go to “Page Likes” and take a look at the “Affinity” Column.

Facebook Audience Insights

Affinity defines how the Page is most likely to be liked by your audience. In other words, you need to pick and use Pages that have the highest Affinity as an Interest. For example:

Out of “Cat Lovers” and “Cat lady”, “Cat Lovers” is the one that possesses Pages with a higher Affinity, so I am going to use “Cat Lovers” instead of  “Cat lady”.

Using Facebook Audience Insights to find the best interest between Cat lovers and Cat lady

Now you know my trick to find a good targeting.

TWO – The second thing to do is to Test, Test, Test!! If you have launched any ads before then you probably know that not all of them succeed. It’s sad to say, but not all of you ads will work. That’s why you need to test a bunch of them.

I’ve covered testing in my other blog post called “Complete Guide on How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad”. Just scroll to the section called “Phase 4: Learn how to Test your Ads” of that blog post.

In that section, you will learn how to Duplicate your Ad Sets to test different targeted audiences.

So, that was 2 tricks to fix your targeting: use Audience Insights to find the most relevant interests and test multiple audiences.

2# You are setting the wrong bid

If your Facebook ad is not generating a considerable amount of clicks, then there could be a problem with the bidding.

How to use Facebook Ads Bidding to optimize for conversions

In this campaign, I am optimizing my ad for Link Clicks. In the Bid Strategy section choose Bid Cap.

Then enter an amount that you are willing to pay for every single click that you get. I suggest a value between 2 and 4 dollars.

Also, you would want to set “When You Get Charged” section to Link Clicks(CPC).

You can see that in the “When You Get Charged” you can decide to be charged for Link Clicks(CPC) or Impressions.

If you are still getting bad results with a higher bidding then you should try out to be charged per Impression.

And, if you are still not getting results then you will need to consider to test a different audience.

And, if you have tried many different audiences and none of them brought results than you should consider that your ad is just not click-worthy, in other words, your ad image or video is not good enough to be clicked.


3# Your ad image or video is just not asking for clicks (Not Click-Worthy)

The third biggest mistake that advertisers make is that their ad image or video (that I will call ad copy from now on) is not giving the want to click. This is also a big reason why your Facebook Ads are not working! 

First of all, you need to make sure that your ad copy satisfies Facebook’s criteria. If you put to much text in your image then your ad success will decrease as shown in the image below.

Facebook Ads Guide that demonstrates how to create the perfect ad copy that drives success

Next, you need to make sure to demonstrate exactly what you are selling in the ad copy. In the images below, you can see exactly what the ad is selling without reading the headline. That’s what you are looking for.

Examples of Facebook Ad image that attract users attention and shows the product well

Also, you can create the best Facebook ad copy by spying on your competition. It’s not mandatory to spy on businesses in your niche. You can just find a random ad that attracted your attention in your Facebook Feed and inspire yourself.

Don’t copy their ad description of course. Use it to give you some new ideas.

You will often see that successful ads contain some words that refer to curiosity, a problem or that are attention-grabbing. The image below contains a list of those words:

Marketing words that generate curiosity attention and scarcity

Don’t make the mistake of just bombarding your ad copy with random words that relate to curiosity or attention-grabbing. Decide the purpose of your ad first. Do you want to sell something that is now on promotion? Then use attention-grabbing words. If you want to offer a solution to a problem that people have, then use curiosity words.

Let’s look at a few examples of perfect ads:

Ad Example form Bluehost that demonstrates how to create a successful ad copyThis Bluehost ad is retargeting people who left the sales funnel and does a good job at getting the customers back.

String social proof: Bluehost is showing the social proof, “trusted by millions”. Also, it reminds you of the price which is 2.95 and that’s pretty much nothing. This brings the thought that trying out Bluehost services is pretty much risk-free.

Perfect Headline: “Launch Your Website Today” is direct and clear to the user, meaning that the user knows exactly what he is getting if he clicks on this ad. Also, Bluehost ads a notice of a promotion at the end “get a FREE domain name”, which encourages the user to interact with the ad because everyone loves free stuff. In addition, Bluehost uses a video, which was proven t0 drives more sales than a single image.

The ad makes the user believe that it’s actually a good deal and that it would be foolish to miss out on this type of offer.

Facebook Ad example that demonstrates a perfect headline and a great use of pictures

This ad is clearly promoting the product by using a carousel ad + a 25% Off.

Great Text: This ad quickly mentions the 25% off, which grabs the attention. It also does a good job of explaining why the Eco nappies are unique and can be trusted. Is also shows a benefit for the parents and not only for the baby by saying “12 hours for drier babies and happier mums and dads.”

Attention Grabbing Images: The images of babies are easily an attention grabber. Babies are cute and the pictures are doing a good job to show different Eco nappies in every image by using the image carousel.

4# You are not consistent

The 4th section is rather short but very important.

The reason why your ads do not succeed is that you are not investing yourself enough in it. Trying to run a few ads a couple of times won’t help you get clients, or it might, but there is a 0.1% chance that you create a successful Facebook ad from the first try.

The biggest mistake I’ve done in the beginning is that I tried to spend as less as possible in advertising and guess what, I lost a ton of money that way. Set a budget from the beginning, like 600 or 1000 dollars and make sure to not be greedy with this budget. Don’t forget that there is a learning curve.

Businesses that run successful social media ads have extremely experimented marketers that work for them, so don’t get discouraged when your ads don’t work.

In fact, if your ads don’t work then don’t blame Facebook. Learn from your mistakes and continue testing ads, or if you can’t stand doing Facebook ads by yourself than Contact Me and my agency will set up successful marketing campaigns for you.

If you don’t have the time to learn and launch ads then find someone to do that for you. Book a meeting today.


Maksym Donchenko, President of Maxes.Clicks

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