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Email Marketing in Montreal

An email list is your most valuable asset. Our email marketing services allow you to grow your email list and use it to generate more profit. Email subscribers are more likely to purchase from you if email campaigns are done correctly. MaxesClicks is ready to make your email list convert into sales.
Your email list will determine the long-term value of your business. Book a meeting to start growing your email list and generating sales with emails.

Email Marketing Montreal and Email Marketing Services offered by MaxesClicks


Step 1: Grow the email list

Our marketing agency starts by growing your email list using different marketing platforms that best serve your particular business. If you already have a big email list, then we will still populate your list with more potential customers.

Step 2: Generate customers

After we have populated your list with potential customers, we will start sending a specific series of emails about your products or services that will convert your email subscribers into customers.

Step 3: Observe the results

As a marketing agency, we are able to track advanced analytical data from the email campaigns. This will also allow us to improve your campaigns in the future.

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Why our Email Marketing Services

Email marketing are crucial for business growth! Customers can be reached and persuaded to take action through a series of emails. We know that every business has difficulty retrieving users that have abandoned their checkout or retrieving users that have lost interest in your brand. Email marketing allows us to bring customers back to your website or your store to take action.

It’s really frustrating when people leave your website without making a purchase. It’s also extremely frustrating to lose existing customers and never see them again. With emails, we have the capacity to fix that and bring them back to you. 

Emails can also be used to upsell users. Our experts create series of emails that make users go through a sales process that converts them into repeat customers.

MaxesClicks Email Marketing Services and Digital Marketing Agency Montreal


As an email marketing agency, we make sure to create specific layout designs that make your emails look pleasant to interact with.

Our email layouts are also designed to make the users take action. The funneling of customers will be crucial, so that the users will be led to purchase or take a specific action.

The design of your emails is going to be adapted to match your brand. This will allow us to expand the influence of your brand’s visual aesthetics.

Personalized Emails

Customers love when people care about them, and our personalized emails allow you to do that. At MaxesClicks, we focus on the customer experience of our clients, and yours, as well.

It was proven that the rate of repeated purchases was influenced by the care businesses and organizations had for their customers. Our email marketing services give you the capacity to do exactly that. Our team primarily focuses on the experience clients have after the purchase to make the customer returns to your store more frequently.


A phone call with a marketing expert

We are going to call you and share ideas on how you can improve your business.

Analysis of your current marketing

We will analyse your social media efforts and your current marketing efficiency before we call you.

Research of your competitors

We identify your local competitors and give you ways to outsmart them.