Complete Guide on How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

Blueprint on how to create a Successful Facebook Ad

You are reading this because you want to create a Facebook Ad for your business, so without further ado, let’s begin.

In this tutorial I’ve created a new Facebook account to demonstrate everything from scratch, so that you can follow along.

To proceed, you will need a Facebook account, so that you can run ads from it.

Phase 1: Choose the Objective of your Facebook Ad

Alright, login into your account, click on the arrow pointing downwards in the top right, and click on Create Ads.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

It will bring you to the following page.

Facebook Ad Manager

Here you can see the different types of campaigns that you can create. You will need to choose the advertising campaign objective very wisely, because it’s going to affect the results of your ads.

If you are a restaurant owner, then you should use Store visits in the Conversion column to bring more people in your physical store. If you want to bring more traffic to your website, then you will need to choose Traffic in the Consideration column to optimize your ad to generate more clicks to your website.

You can also use the Engagement objective to promote your social media post and try to get as many likes👍 and comments💬on your post as possible. This way your post will gather social proof and it’s a good way to share a cool promotion at your store, for example.

The objectives that you are going to choose are going to vary depending on your marketing strategy. For example, you could grow the engagement on a social media post and then use the likes and comments as social proof. Then you could optimize for Store visits by using the highly engaged post to show people that you have the likes and comments and that your business is popular.  For more information about each objective you can click on the iconInformationnext to each objective.

There are many advertising strategies, and a lot of strategies that you think will succeed will fail big time.

The reason why is because strategies sound perfect in theory, but in real life things are different. The majority of the time, especially if you are starting out, your ads are going to fail. DON’T be discouraged. It’s part of the process. You need to test different strategies and it’s only by testing that you will see if they work or not.

In fact, testing can become very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are throwing money around on Facebook Ads and hope that magically you are going to get clients, then you are going to lose a lot of money.

There are specific ways and rules to follow to create successful ads, and you are not going to learn that in a day – that’s why I am here to give you some help by providing you with this blog :). If you want more specific help, then call me at (514) 575- 6322 or you can just book a meeting with our specialist in strategic marketing development for local businesses.

If you want to try Facebook Ads by yourself, then determine your strategy before making an ad. Be clear about the goal that you want to achieve, like growing awareness of your business, getting more likes on your business’s Facebook page, making clients contact you by messenger, and the list goes on.

In my scenario, I will use an Engagement  objective to drive more likes and comments to a post that displays one of our clients’ real estate properties. Select Post Engagement and create a Campaign Name. Disable the “Create Split Test” and “Budget Optimization”! This is very Important.

It’s just an example, so it might not apply to your business, but it’s going to demonstrate for you the process of Facebook ad creation that is the same for every ad campaign.

Phase 2: Targeting and Budget

Once you’ve chosen your marketing objective and filled out the Campaign Name input field, you are going to see this screen:

How to Create a Facebook Ad

Enter your correct location, currency and time zone. Then click Continue Button

This is the part where you are going to create the ad. Here is how it looks like:

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

1# The First thing that you want to do is to make an Ad Set Name. In this case, mine is “Engagement_RealEstate-Property#1-10$”.

As you can see I am being very descriptive in my Ad Set Name. I wrote my campaign objective, the subject of my ad and the daily budget of the ad, which is 10$/day.

2# Next you are going to specify the audience.

The real estate property of my client is located in Montreal, so I will set the location to “Montreal, Quebec”.  A very crucial step will be to choose “People who live in this location”, in the drop-down, so that you can target people that live in the specified location.

Next, I have set the age of my audience from 20 to 65+ years old (Male and Female). The age targeting can be different according to your target audience.

I will leave the “Language” input blank because I don’t want to target any specific language groups.

Now it comes to the “Detailed Targeting.” Here, you are going to choose interests that apply mostly to your ideal customer. Facebook is going to find people that apply to the targeting that you are choosing and it’s going to hit them with your ads.

My client wants to sell his home to business owners, so I am targeting “Small business owners” and “Owner and Founder.” People in Montreal that apply to those criteria will see my ad in their Facebook feed. Also, uncheck the following (IT’S CRUCIAL):

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

By unchecking this you are making sure that Facebook doesn’t spend your ad budget unwisely.

Also, here you can see if your “Audience Size” is too broad or too specific. You want to have it as close to the middle as possible, but if it’s in the GREEN zone then you’re good.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

It seems simple, but the “Detailed Targeting” is where you are going to spend the majority of your time and money. Not all of your audiences are going to be converting into customers. Some of them are going to interact with your business, but others are not even going to click on your ad.

The only way to find the audience that brings you sales is by testing different audiences. Near the end of the blog post, I am going to show you how to test your ads. Keep reading carefully until the end.

3# Now you will need to decide on your ad placements. I wouldn’t recommend “Automatic Placement,” because it’s one of Facebook’s techniques to make you spend more money – and not efficiently.

Choose “Edit Placements” and check Facebook Feeds. Uncheck all of the others because they are not going to have an impactful effect on the users in our case. If you have a restaurant, then advertising on Instagram would be a good idea because food is pretty trendy on Instagram.

How to Create a Facebook Ad

As I said before, it’s going to depend on your business and your advertising strategy.

According to our tests, Facebook Feeds are bringing more results for our clients than all the other types of placements.

4# Here comes the Budget & Schedule.

Always use the “Daily Budget” option, because you can make sure that your ad budget is spent wisely.

I’ve set the budget to $1 a day. You could start with $5. The reason why the budget is low is because we want to see if our audience is generating results.

For example, after 24 hours of your ad running, if you see that the ad is not getting any desirable results, you could just shut it off. However, if you see the ad is generating results, then you could increase the daily budget of your ad, so that Facebook will show it to more people.

You could also set a schedule for the ad to make it run on specific dates. In my case, I am going to choose, “Run my ad set continuously starting today.” Don’t worry, you can turn off your ad at any time you’d like.

Facebook Ad Creation

After that, you can click Continue Button

Phase 3: Ad Creation

Here you are going to create your actual ad, or we call it Ad Copy. This is what you should see next.

Facebook Ad Creation

What you want to do next is to assign a Page to your ad, so that when people click on the Facebook profile picture in your ad, they will be redirected to your business’s Facebook Page.

If you don’t have a business Page, then create one by clicking Create Page.

If you have a Page, then choose it from the list.

In my case, I just created a random Page to demonstrate the process to you. Usually we would use the Page of our client.

*I am not going to add the Instagram Placement, because it’s not relevant to my ad.

In the Format section, you have the choice between Single Image ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, and a few others that I don’t personally use. I strongly recommend using Video ads, because they are better at acquiring customers. Videos are more interesting to interact with, so users are most likely to click on your ad.

In my case, I am going to use a Single Image ad, because the client only gave me one photo of the exterior of his real estate property.

Just before creating the ad copy, I highly suggest that you use an existing post.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

Using existing posts is easier and it keeps you more organized when you start to accumulate many ad copies.

To create your ad, go to Ad Manager (in the top left) > Page Posts (open in a new tab by right-clicking and “Open link in a new tab”). Then you will see this.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

Start by clicking Create Post Facebook and then Photo (or any other type of ad). Then upload the image and write a description that will attract the attention of your customers.

Here is how my ad looks like.

Create Post Facebook Real Estate

Now you will need to copy the ID.

Facebook Ad Creation

Then you will need to paste it in here:

Facebook Ad Account Creation

Next, add a Call to Action Button. Click on Add Button and choose the button that is most appropriate for your ad.

When you are done with this click on Continue Button

At this point, if this was the first Ad that you have created then you are going to see this popup.How to create a Facebook Ad

Fill it in with your card info and you are good to go.

You are not going to be charged immediately. You will be charged when you reach a certain sum or every 20 days or so.

Now you are officially DONE. Your ad is now in a verification period. Your ad will need to be approved by Facebook before launching. If there is something wrong with your ad, Facebook is going to notify you about the issue.

Phase 4: Learn how to Test your Ads

When you have completed the ad creation you are going to be redirected to the Ad Manager page. You should see the following:

How to launch a Facebook Ad

You will need to clearly understand the User Interface in the Ad Manager.

Campaigns: Imagine Campaigns as a folder that contains all of your Ad Sets.

If we take the example of the real estate niche, then every single campaign will be a different real estate property.

In other words, a Campaign contains ads of the same topic.

Ad Sets:  This is where you can edit the targeting of your ads.

Remember when I’ve talked about testing. Well, this is where you are going to test.

As I already told you, not every audience is bringing you sales, so you need to test many of them. To do that, click on Duplicate.

How to Create a Facebook Ad

Then check Original campaign and click Duplicate Facebook Button

Now you’ve successfully duplicated your ad and you are going to see this.

Facebook Ad Creation

Here you can change your ad budget, your targeting, schedule, etc.

Scroll down to the Audience section and change the Detailed Targeting, so that you can target a different audience.

When you have made changes, click on Publish Facebook Button

Now you will see that you have 2 ad sets that target different audiences. You can make an unlimited amount of ad sets.

If an Ad Set is not bringing you results, then you can turn it off by clicking on the switch*.

Ads: This is the place where you can see your ad copies. You can use different images or videos, so that you can see which one is performing better.

To create a new Ad Copy, just click on Duplicate, check Existing campaign, change the name of the Ad Copy and click Duplicate Facebook Button

You will now see this.

Best Way to Create Facebook Ads

Here you can change the image(s) or video in your ad by entering the ID of your new post.

When you have changed the image or video, press Publish Facebook Button


Congratulations, now you know how to create a Facebook Ad.

From now on you will need to monitor your ads. What I mean by that is that you will need to check on them every 24 hours and look if they are meeting the standards of a well-performing ad.

If there are less than 3 clicks on your ad after 24 hours, turn it off. It’s a sign that your ad is not performing well.

To start, just create 1 Campaign with 2 Ad Sets targeting 2 different audiences and containing 1 Ad each. After 24 hours, check on them and see if they have generated results.

Remember that if they are not working, don’t get frustrated. This means that your targeted audience is just not relevant.  This means that you need to try another audience or another ad image or video.

Look, I understand that you are a busy entrepreneur and that you don’t have a lot of time to put into Ads, so you can call me at (514) 575- 6322 or just book a free appointment with me here. We will meet and setup Facebook Ads for you that actually generate you results.

Maksym Donchenko, President of Maxes.Clicks

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