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Who We are


We are responsible for getting new clients for your business.

MaxesClicks specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Email Marketing and in website creation. We strive to provide your business with an advertising strategy that applies to your specific business area. In fact, we have discovered that your website is where your profits are. Ranking in the top Google searches allows you to appear in front of more customers. Your website is capable of bringing you sales while you sleep, if it’s well optimized. In other words, as a Montreal SEO Company, MaxesClicks transforms your website into a 24/7 salesperson.

MaxesClicks is a Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal that also focuses on social media advertising. Learn more about how MaxesClicks can boost the awareness of your business with social media.

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What We Do


Facebook Advertising Campaigns

MaxesClicks Digital Marketing Agency Montreal

-Generate fast results

-Keep your existing clients by retargeting them

-Keep your customers up to date


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

MaxesClicks Search Engine Optimization Montreal SEO Company

-Increase organic traffic and leads

-Improve your Google Ranking.

-Perfect for long term growth

-Quick fact: 70% of users click on non-paid (organic) listings instead of the ads at the top of the page.


Responsive Website Design

MaxesClicks Responsive Website Design Digital Marketing Agency Montreal

-Fully customized professional web design

-Optimized to take action and increase conversions (sales)

-SEO friendly and adapted for the user experience


Google Ads

MaxesClicks Digital Marketing Agency Montreal

-Make yourself known locally

-Bring targeted customers to your business

-Reach ready-to-buy customers


Email Marketing

MaxesClicks Digital Marketing Agency Montreal

-One of the most valuable assets of a business

-Sell to your clients at all time

-Long term business growth

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Benefits of SEO

Look at the Before and After Pictures.

Montreal SEO is our specialization. We work to make your business visible on the most popular search engines. MaxesClicks will rank you on top searches for Google and we will enhance your appearance.

Not optimized Local Business appearance in Google Search before picture for MobileOptimized Local Business appearance in Google Search before picture for Mobile


Your customers are using
Facebook every single day

2.8 million people use Facebook daily in Greater Montreal; this means that 2.8 million people are your potential customers.

Facebook Montreal Users MaxesClicks

More efficient than TV commercials

Facebook Advertising is 66% more efficient than television commercials because we are able to target your perfect clients.

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Power of Email Marketing

40 times more effective at acquiring new customers

40X More Effective than Social Media Posts

95% of companies are using email marketing

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you. According to 59% of B2B Marketers, email campaigns are the most profitable marketing channel. Let your customer know about your business at any time.

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